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The Power of You

Reading inspiring messages gives rise to determination, hope and power.

You finally accept that previous beliefs and fears can't hold you back anymore. You have the strength and ability to change your life and reach your dreams.

We're here to help you walk that journey.

The Power of You

You have a gift within you:
The power to get through.
You're capable of rising up;
There's nothing you can't do.

The world is consumed with magic.
Today just marks the start
Of believing in your opportunities.
Believe with all your heart.

Remove the weight of limits;
Give yourself a chance.
Firmly stand and plant your feet,
The ground will feel your stance.

It's here your head shall learn to rise,
And focus on what's to come.
Your fears will see this inner strength;
From them you'll no longer run.

Exhale the grief from past mistakes;
March on down the road ahead.
Your soul has in it the ability to fly;
Your wings are worth being spread.

- Jeremy Johnston, 2012

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