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Qualified Clinical Counselling Supervision 

As a Qualified Clinical Counselling Supervisor, I am a supervisor who will challenge you, respect you, and guide you

A mentor is someone who challenges you, respects you, is more experienced, guides you to find answers, has a positive mindset, is available, provides constructive feedback, cheers for your success and is supportive. I must govern by the ethical requirements of my college and professional associations, as I am a gatekeeper of the profession of psychotherapy.

Mentorship is one that is similar to the alliance that we have with our own clients. The mentorship is developing that alliance, rather than assuming a hierarchy.

Supervisees, especially interns, are continuing to develop their core skills. As a supervisor, when observing areas of potential growth, it is my responsibility to train and demonstrate, rather than to point out what is wrong.

As human beings, we continue to grow and evolve, including our competencies and skills. As a supervisor, it is my responsibility to assist my supervisees to grow with the acknowledgement that they are developing into the psychotherapist they want to be.

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